Training & Careers

Rehabilitation medicine has developed rapidly into one of the most exciting specialties within medicine. Crossing the divide between hospital and community, it provides challenges in facilitating the optimum quality of life for a neglected group of the population - younger adults with physical disabilities.

Doctors provide support for individuals and their families and also collaborate with health and social purchasers to provide better services. Medical and technological advances are now making a large difference to this population, challenging the rehabilitationist of the future. There are plenty of choices for both the generalist and the specialist, and for research.

For a view of the specialty see the BMJ Career Focus article on Rehabilitation Medicine and the Specialty description for Rehabilitation Medicine. 

The British Society of Rehabilitation Medicine offers a variety of prizes/bursaries to help provide support for professional development at many levels from an essay prize for medical students through to a postgraduate travelling research scholarship.  Each has its own criteria, application and adjudication process.