The British Society of Rehabilitation Medicine (BSRM) promotes the understanding and multidisciplinary management of acute and chronic disabling diseases and injuries; their personal interpersonal and social consequences and aims to advance public education in these matters.

Constituted in 1984 as 'The Medical Disability Society', the British Society of Rehabilitation Medicine is the UK professional organisation for practitioners in the dynamic and developing specialty of Rehabilitation Medicine. BSRM has a growing membership of over 350 and an established regional structure.

The Society is devoted to:

  • Promoting the development and good practice of Rehabilitation Medicine as a medical specialty.

  • Enhancing undergraduate and postgraduate education in the diagnosis, assessment, acute and long-term management of people with both physical and cognitive complex disabilities.

  • Supporting rehabilitation research.

  • Liaising with related medical, paramedical and voluntary organisations to further these aims.

Membership of the BSRM is open to all registered medical practitioners interested and concerned with its objectives.

The Society is the approved national body for endorsement of British doctors’ applications for the Diploma of the European Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and indeed since 1993 many doctors have gained this diploma with the support of the BSRM.

A national meeting and specialist courses are held annually as well as additional specialist symposia. Ever since a seminal report on the Management of Traumatic Brain Injury was published by the Medical Disability Society in 1988, a series of authoritative and influential reports and guidelines have been produced by the Society on a number of rehabilitation issues. These documents serve as valuable resources for both commissioners and service providers.

The BSRM awards a number of prizes/bursaries annually for which competitive applications are invited.