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  BSRM President’s Bulletin October 2021  

Welcome to this newsletter

Dear Colleagues

This a somewhat longer Bulletin which reflects an increased level of activity within the society


Rehab 2021 - Living and ageing with long term conditions

If you have not yet registered for the remote conference on 9/10th November please look at the attached programme This link and consider doing so by November 5th. The programme is very exciting - I am grateful to those who have submitted abstracts and agreed to talk.

The AGM at 5pm will be sent as a Teams meeting to all members whether registered to attend the conference or not.  Please join us, we will be voting on the resolutions and nominations (see more information below) in real time.  Please send any questions/objections in beforehand to maximise participation - there will be some opportunity for discussion, but I would like to enable as many people to contribute as possible.  Only those who are up to date with their subscriptions can be nominated or vote. Please get in touch if experiencing financial difficulty. Payment can be made quarterly if this is easier.

Regional Road Shows

Regional visits to discuss the implementation of the new curriculum and the proposed change in the name of the society are now underway. Please contact the local organiser link timetable if you want to join in remotely. I am picking up a strong desire to invigorate the society. Rebranding may play a part in this but, as the discussion in Cardiff emphasised link blog, engagement is what counts. Two of these visits so far have been in person link and it has been encouraging to see the expansion of facilities in regional centres, including a totally new unit in Cardiff. It was good to see how much Rehabilitation Medicine is valued there after its engagement within the Major Centre.


COVID Rehabilitation

Manoj Sivan is representing our specialty at a high level in the area of COVID rehabilitation. I hope the LOCOMOTION study, which he is leading with Prof Brendan Delaney from Imperial, will demonstrate how we can best help this patient group and facilitate closer integration with Primary Care. As many of you may know the COVID Rehabilitation Service in Leeds attracted the BMJ Clinical Leadership Team Award for 2021 and Manoj has been asked to be the George Burniston orator to the Australasian Medical Society next year.

There are other NIHR projects exploring COVID Rehabilitation which community rehabilitation teams can join link to Listen project representing an unprecedented interest in community rehabilitation. I hope that we will be in a position as a society to disseminate and apply the results of this research.

Vocational Rehabilitation

Return to work is emerging as a critical part of Covid rehabilitation and thanks go to Nicky Chater, Diane Playford, Andrew Frank and Joy Reymond for preparing new comprehensive guidance. This new BSRM document will be introduced at the conference and then put on the BSRM website with a limited number of hard copies available to those who would use them most.


BSRM Sub-Committees

The nomination form this year link invites members to put themselves forward for membership of one of three sub-committees. We would welcome such nominations at any time so please consider this. The work within the Research and Clinical Standards Sub-committee will include developing an updated research strategy for the society.

A trainee research collaboration is being formed and there is much valuable research waiting to done using the extensive UK-ROC dataset. An example of this was published recently on the role of neurorehabilitation units in spinal injury rehabilitation link

We have also been contacted as a society by a French technology company wanting UK partners to develop and research visuomotor training Dessintey link and I hope that this is something that the new SIGART might consider facilitating.

Six places are available in the new Communication Sub-committee to update our communications and website. A Twitter account is now active and a Facebook page where we would like to record written contributions to the important Name Change Debate.

If the AGM agrees to the ballot, we will use CIVICA to conduct the ballot for us between 10th – 31st December. I attach a further version of the Discussion Document with a slightly revised introduction link.

Trainees have been particularly active in the Society recently. I welcome Ahmad Saif (Oxford) as the new National Trainee Representative working alongside Naveen Parambil. A group of trainees are working with Jo Corrado in developing material on what the specialty has to offer for foundation year doctors. A pilot podcast has been produced or Rehab Roundup on U Tube.

There is a lot of work to be done in the Education Sub-Committee if we are to meet the aspirations of our trainees and build up educational resources. I hope that Educational Supervisors will put their names forward to work on this in the Education Sub-committee.


Medical Student Essay Prize Please recommend this to students rotating through your units. The deadline is 31 December 2021


Quality Improvement & Innovation Prize We are keen to hear what changes our trainees have been able to make to services. This prize will now be open to submissions also to 31 December 2021. It is a sign of our times that the award will not be financial this year but the work will be publicised at the next conference and the authors will be offered free conference entry

Specialist Rehabilitation

NHS England commissioning will continue until 2023 and patient level funding is going to be increased to reflect 2018/2019 costs. We strongly encourage members to make themselves known to those who will be running their local Integrated Care Service as it is they who will be commissioning these services in the future. I attach a provisional list link.

This new arrangement could facilitate better integration of hospital and community rehabilitation services but Level 1 services undertaking complex Physical and Cognitive/Behavioural Rehabilitation will be at risk, as they will be serving a large number of ICS areas and need all these organisations to commission cooperatively. Please could you consider using the attached explanatory letter link in your meeting with ICS leads to highlight this concern.

We support a position that each ICS should have a Director of Rehabilitation Services and hope the newly appointed National Director of Rehabilitation Care will facilitate this.


The society has re-joined the Neurological Alliance and is working with the ABN in facilitating this second survey of service quality to patients with long term neurological conditions link. Our Neurology colleagues send this link out with clinic copy letters. Maybe we could do the same or ask a community rehabilitation team to send it to all patients on their database.

It runs from 25 October to 14 January and I commend it to our members as a way of generating data to support investment in community rehabilitation services.


Chris Bryant MP Private Members Bill

UKABIF has asked us to support a private member’s bill proposing legislation to institute and review a national strategy for acquired brain injury. This is modelled on the national strategy on autism which resulted in a link significant improvement in the provision and coordination of services. They have asked that we bring this bill to the attention of our constituency MPs.

Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation

There has been much discussion in the society about how MSK rehabilitation services are more developed abroad. There is a well established MSK Special Interest Group and I invite those with an interest to make themselves known to Dr Salawu who is the new chair.

The European Board of PRM has made available a limited number of ebooks on Ultrasound Imaging and Guidance for MSK Interventions. Please contact Ganesh Bavikatte if you can make a good case for being provided with one of these.



Thank you for reading to the end of this. Please look up and act on the linked documents and consider whether you might serve on one of the BSRM subcommittees link

I hope to see you at the conference and the AGM

Dr John Burn

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