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  President's e-Bulletin - March 2021  

Dear Colleagues

I hope that you are experiencing a return to normality and that you are not facing a huge backlog of postponed clinical work.

I am grateful that despite these pressures many of our members found the time to participate in the spring round of SpR recruitment.

Particular thanks to Jon Mamo, Meena Nayar, Bhupinder Panesar, Caroline Hutchings,  Wail Ahmed, Siddeshwar Patil, Ajoy Nair, Andre Des Atages, Alyson Nelson and Katharine Fairbairn who took a whole day out to conduct interviews. Twenty one candidates were interviewed and 14 were offered training which almost fills the places that are available. I am struck by the quality of our new trainees and am glad to welcome 11 as new members of the Society.  Details of 22 new BSRM members can be found here ....

BSRM membership recruitment

The best way to counter the effect of the economic downturn on the Society’s finances is to increase our membership. With that aim I attach a short flyer which you might consider sending to colleagues when the occasion arises.


Quality Improvement and Innovation Prize

I am pleased to announce the award of the annual Quality Improvement and Innovation Prize to Dr Jo Corrado, ST at Leeds. Her work involved the setting up of multiagency ‘Discharge Huddles’ within the rehabilitation unit at Leeds which facilitated effective communication and problem solving between the agencies involved in difficult discharges. We congratulated Jo on a well described and valuable piece of work and encourage other trainees to apply for the next round in the autumn.

European exam & UK representative role

The European Board Examination will be held on June 18th. As there will be no further exam this year additional candidates should apply via by 18 April 2021. I can provide further details. I plan to demit from being one of the two Europe representatives this year and would (enthusiastically) welcome applications for the role of representative to the Board. Application should be to Sandy with reference to the job specification set out here ...

SIG for Assistive and Rehabilitation Technology (SIGART)

Dr Ganesh Bavikatte is pulling together a group focused on emerging technology in rehabilitation. This SIG for Assistive and Rehabilitation Technology (SIGART) will replace and have a wider remit than the previous SIGEAT. Please could members with an interest contact Ganesh. An inaugural workshop will be held at the autumn meeting.

New BSRM documents, RM syllabus consultation & WFNR COVID-19 Survey

I encourage you to look at two new documents on the website. The Patient Safety document is the result of some years of work by Lynne Turner-Stokes, Aneetha Skinner and others. It was prepared for the RCP Patient Safety Committee and includes the framework for action to contain CPE infection mentioned in the previous bulletin.  It is now expanded to identify other patient safety priorities. Please consider whether one or more of these should feature in your Clinical Governance programme. The other is an advance summary of BSRM Standards for Specialist Community Rehabilitation currently being prepared by Judith Allanson and others listed in the GDG. It will form an important part of our response to the increasing interest being shown in this sector because of the disabling effects of COVID infection.

I am grateful to those who have worked, within a very short time frame, on the draft syllabus for specialist training.  The authors wish for as many people as possible to comment on the initial version which is now on the BSRM website and available here ...

Survey by WFNR 

Some members will have been involved in specialist rehabilitation for people following COVID infection.  We would be grateful in particular if they would be able to participate in this survey to describe their experience and the effect of COVID-19 on rehabilitation in their region.


BSRM website and administration

The Society’s internal and external communications need further updating and improvement. Professor Derick Wade has kindly agreed to convene a ‘21st Century Communications Group’ with a remit initially to look at the functionality of the BSRM website. This is often how both our specialty and our society are introduced to others, and its members’ pages are going to be of increasing importance for training. We are well aware of the irony of a group about modern communications being convened by one of our older members.  We’d love the group to span the membership – if you are keen on communication, a great social media user, a trainee or newly qualified or just interested please get in contact with Sandy or Derick directly at

The administration of this work is undertaken by Sandy Weatherhead who is the Society’s sole employee and has kept the Society going with unflappable generosity for more than thirty years. She is retiring on the 30th April. We don’t know yet how we will say thank you – or how we will find an adequate replacement. This will be the subject of the next Bulletin.

John Burn, President  


PS  Those who are members of the RCP may have seen the latest    census. There were 203 substantive UK consultants in RM in 2019 compared to 150 in 2004. Women make up 34% and 25% work less than full time. If it is of interest, there are 28 consultants in Sports and Exercise Medicine and their numbers are not expected to increase.

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