BSRM Consultations

Closing date - 16th April 2021

Consultation title -

“Rehabilitation Medicine Syllabus. What a trainee needs to learn.”

A syllabus for the Rehabilitation Medicine medical training curriculum has been completed, and we are making it available for review and comment by anyone interested. You may copy and share this with anyone. The consultation opened on March 18th and closes on April 16th 2021.

The first part of the syllabus sets the context, including its relationship to the curriculum, and also explains how competencies are presented and assessed. Then, after a table showing the names of all the competencies, the second part shows the 39 competencies.

Readers should also look at or be familiar with the Rehabilitation Medicine curriculum to understand the role of the syllabus. Background information, and link for the curriculum, is available here:

Readers may comment on any aspect of the syllabus. However, we are particularly interested in the following:

A.    Is it written clearly and unambiguously?
It is important that both trainees and trainers understand both the background, introductory material, and the specific details of each competency. If you identify any problem, please at least highlight it and, if possible, comment.

B.     Is the range of competencies adequate?
The syllabus cannot cover every possible competency. Does the mix and range cover most (80%) of the major areas needed by a trainee? If you think not, suggest the missing area, which will then be considered.

C.     Is the structure used for each competency appropriate?
It is a reasonably widely used structure, but comment is still welcome.

D.    Is the level of detail in each competency appropriate?
Please remember that this is not a textbook, and the detail is supposed to be indicative. Nonetheless, a general comment, and comments on particular competencies are welcome.

E.     Is the scale used to assess competence practical?
We considered and rejected specific criteria for each competency. A simple system to guide trainee and trainer is required. Remember that acquisition or otherwise of a competency is not a mandatory requirement to complete training.

You may respond and comment how you wish. If you do a separate document, please indicate a page or a competency (by letter and number is quite sufficient) for any specific comment. If you comment directly on the document, simply return it.

Comments should be sent by email, as attachments, to Dr Derick Wade (see below). Your name and email address will be retained until the syllabus is published to allow us to acknowledge receipt of your comments, to ask for further information if essential, and to notify you of any further consultation and about the final publication.

Please send comments to before April 17th 2021.

Download “Rehabilitation Medicine Syllabus. What a trainee needs to learn” here .....