Full membership of the British Society of Rehabilitation Medicine is open to any registered medical practitioner who has an interest in disability and its management. As well as consultants and trainees in Rehabilitation Medicine, the membership also comprises Geriatricians, Rheumatologists, Spinal Cord Injury doctors and Neurologists.  Senior Allied Health Professionals and Rehabilitation Nurses are eligible for Associate Membership.

The benefits of membership include:

  • Subscription to Clinical Rehabilitation - Full Ordinary Members only but available as an option to other members
  • Priority registration at the society's meetings
  • Complimentary copies of the society's influential publications
  • Regular e-Newsletters
  • Participation in regional groups' events
  • Opportunities to contribute to national debates and influence decisions of statutory bodies on issues related to the specialty.

Subscription Rates

The annual subscription rates commencing January 2021 are as shown below and include subscription to 'Clinical Rehabilitation' for Ordinary Members only. Subscription is preferably by direct debit. Subscriptions are due on acceptance for membership as advised, and annually thereafter on 1 January.

  • Ordinary Members (EC): £235.00 - £260 with optional research fund donation
  • Junior Members (trainees): £75.00 (exc. journal) - £80 with optional research fund donation
  • Retired Member A: £80.00 (exc. journal) - £85 with optional research fund donation
  • Retired Member B: £155.00 (inc. journal) - £160 with optional research fund donation
  • Associate Member: £80.00 -  exc. journal - for Senior AHP's, other medical specialists and overseas doctors (should be a member of their own national society)