Musculoskeletal Special Interest Group

MskSIG Committee Members

Mahesh Cirasanambati (Chair) Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine,
Stoke on Trent
Fahim Anwar Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine,
Simon Shaw (Trainee Rep) Rehabilitation Medicine Trainee,
Abdul Rasheed Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine,
Leamington Spa
Manoj Sivan (Co-opted) Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine,


MskSIG's Mission

More information coming soon !

Current/recent projects

More information coming soon !

MskSIG Membership

Membership of the MskSIG is free for BSRM members and is open to Consultant members and Trainee members who have a special interest in musculoskeletal rehabilitation.

Specialist courses

The 1st Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation Course was held in Stoke on Trent from 8-10 February 2016 - For details of the 2nd course to be held in 2017 please watch this space