The BSRM makes the following awards annually

    •            Medical Students Essay Prize .... download info .... form .... scoring   
                 Closing date - 31 December annually   
    •            Memorial Postgraduate Research Travelling Scholarship
                - the first awards will be made in memory of Bipin Bhakta, Professor of Rehabilitation
                Medicine at the University of Leeds  .... download info
                Closing date - 31 December annually
    •           Quality Improvement and Innovation Prize 
                download info here .......
                Closing date - 19 October annually
    •           Research pump priming scholarship award 
                download info  ....  
                Next round closing date - Not currently available

Entries should be submitted electronically to, using the name of the prize/bursary in the subject header.  Please read the instructions/eligibility criteria carefully before submission of your entry.


BSRM Research Pump Priming Award 2020

Awarded to Laura Edwards, Associate Clinical Professor and Honorary Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine, University Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS Foundation Trust 

Project title:  A feasibility study of virtual reality relaxation for treating hidden symptoms in people with progressive multiple sclerosis

Medical Student's Essay Prize Awards 2010-18


2018 - Elohor Ijete, Kings College London
'Physical disability a mark of Cain? The impact of disability stigma on access to rehabilitation services'
read winning entry here .....
Eli and Onikepe enjoying the evening here ....

2017 -  Christopher Hatton, York
‘Rehabilitation in chronic aphasia: plateau or potential for recovery?’
more .....

2016 - Amy McCulloch, University of Leeds
‘What do young adults with neurological conditions moving into adulthood, want from Leeds Community Neurological Rehabilitation Service?  Are we meeting their needs?' ... more

2015 - Alison Gowland, Kings College London
‘Awaiting rehab bed: implications of delayed admission to rehabilitation after neurological injury’ ... more

2014 - Yan Yu Tan, Edinburgh
Vision Restoration Therapy in neuro-rehabilitation: Game-changer or time-waster?   ..... more

2013 - Kundan Iqbal, Newcastle
Brain computer interfaces in neurological rehabilitation  - (sorry copy not available for download)

2012 - Sophie Fitzsimmons, Cardiff
Transcranial direct current stimulation: A spark of hope for neurorehabilitation?  .... more

2011 - Ms Archita Srinivasan, Cambridge
Rehabilitation strategies for mobility impairment in Parkinson’s Disease
– Where are we now? .... more

2010 - Harriet Scott, London
Functional paraparesis: a challenge for rehabilitation  .... more

Full list of Medical Student's Essay Prize winners 1991-2015


Philip Nichols Prize Awards 2010-16



2016  - Dr Meena Nayar, London

The UK Functional Assessment Measure (UK FIM+FAM): Psychometric Evaluation in Patients Undergoing Specialist Rehabilitation following a Stroke from the National UK Clinical  Dataset

full paper here ...
appendix 1 here ..
appendix 2 here ..

2014 - Dr Manoj Sivan,

Work undertaken whilst an NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow in Rehabilitation Medicine, Academic Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, University of Leeds
Home-based Computer Assisted Arm Rehabilitation (hCAAR) robotic device for upper limb exercises after stroke. Results of a feasibility study in home setting  .... more

This work was also awarded the EARM European Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine 2014 prize and presented to Manoj at the conference in Riga in September 2015.  The paper was also published in the Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine.

2006-2013 - No award

2005 - Dr Lorraine Graham, Belfast
A study of physical rehabilitation and psychological state of patients who sustained limb loss as a result of the Northern Ireland troubles 1969-2003  .... more

Full list of Philip Nichols Prize winners 1991-2014

Postgraduate Training Fund Bursary Awards


2019 - Dr Stephen Halpin, Leeds
MD on the topic of neuromodulation technologies for management of chronic pain and chronic sleep disturbance

2013 - Dr Emily Thomas, Wessex/Otago Univ
PhD Development of a measure of change in self-identity following traumatic brain injury .... more

2012 - Matthew Smith, Leeds
MD Driving with homonymous visual field defects and visual inattention  .... more

Full list of Postgraduate Training Fund Bursary awards 2003-2014

Memorial Postgraduate Travelling Research Scholarship


**First Scholarship Awarded** 

2016 - awarded in memory of Professor Bipin Bhakta to Dr Helen Locke, Specialist Registrar in Leeds.  The £7,500 scholarship will fund her project

“to explore the current unmet need in research and service delivery in disability due to musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions in low-income countries.”

Travelling Scholarship Awards


2016 - awarded to Dr Ajay Boppana to part fund a trip to Kobe to study the Japanese approach to rehabilitation.  Travel report to follow soon ....


Full list of Travelling Scholarship awards 1991-2014