Prolonged Disorder of Consciousness Special Interest Group

PDoCSIG Objective

To support the membership through dissemination of good practice (in particular with reference to the new RCP Guidelines, Dec 2019), in the assessment, rehabilitation and long term care of patients with prolonged disorders of consciousness.

To provide regular educational opportunities for both trainees, non BSRM professionals and all BSRM members and create a forum (community of practice)  to facilitate the development of consistent, evidence based, high quality management, of this very vulnerable group of patients, and enable access to relevant research studies when appropriate, by supporting close working relationships between all BSRM members and the wider group of professionals, working with this group of patients.

PDoCSIG Membership

Membership is free for BSRM Members.  ‘Associate Membership’ may be extended by invitation to appropriate individuals who are not eligible for BSRM membership, who support the objectives outlined above, for which an annual subscription may be payable. It is also open to Trainee members who have an interest in prolonged disorder of consciousness.

The First meeting was held on Wednesday 6th April 2022.  The Inaugural PDOC SIG group is currently being developed if you wish to become member please contact Judith Allanson via