Special Interest Group for Amputee Medicine

SIGAM Committee Members

Sunil Ankolekar Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine
Bhaskar Basu (Chair) Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine
Moheb Gaid (Chair) Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine
Claire Mehta Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine
Will Goodison (Trainee rep) ST4 in Rehabilitation Medicine
Yogendrasinh Jagatsinh Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine


SIGAM's Mission

SIGAM exists to support and promote the sub-speciality of Amputee Rehabilitation. It plays a leading role in advancing the subspeciality and represents the unified voice of Rehabilitation Physicians with an interest in Amputee Medicine, allowing them to influence national policy, improve patient care and raise the profile of the speciality. SIGAM also promotes education through the regular annual Advanced Amputee and Prosthetics Course, and the annual academic SIGAM session as part of the BSRM annual meeting.

Current/recent projects

Updating of Amputee and Prosthetic Rehabilitation – Standards and Guidelines. 

Organising the academic SIGAM session at the annual BSRM meeting and the annual Advanced Amputee Rehabilitation Course. 

Providing the BSRM response to various national and international documents, policies, reports,       guidelines and events. The most recent include: 

  • National Service Specifications for Prosthetics/NHS England
  • The Defence Committee’s inquiry into the support given to members of the Armed Forces wounded in service and to their families
  • The NCEPOD report “Lower Limb Rehabilitation Working Together”

SIGAM Membership

Membership of SIGAM is free for BSRM members and is open to Consultant members who have dedicated amputee rehabilitation sessions as part of their job plan and Trainee members who have a special interest in amputee rehabilitation.

Specialist courses

The Advanced Prosthetic & Amputee Rehabilitation Course - A 3 days MDT course held once annually (usually March) at The Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, Stanmore