Trauma Rehabilitation Special Interest Group

The Trauma Rehabilitation Special Interest Group - TRsIG chaired by Dr Laura Graham in Newcastle upon Tyne was formed in 2016 (Contact:  The steering committee aims to include regional representation and would be delighted to hear from members wishing to assist her in this role and/or who wish to contribute to the activities of the TRsIG.  Please contact the BSRM office in the first instance.

The TRsIG developed core standards for trauma rehabilitation and continues to ensure that these are current.

A list of Major Trauma Rehabilitation regional contacts is available here   .......



Trauma Rehabilitation SIG's Mission

Supporting and working with members working in Major Trauma Networks by

  • Development of standards to support good practice and ensuring that these are up to date and fit for purpose
  • Working with the CRG for Trauma and Burns

Current/recent projects

  • Development of the Rehabilitation Prescription
  • Development of a Position Paper on Specialist Rehabilitation response following mass casualties.

TRsIG Membership

Membership of the TRsIG is free for BSRM members and is open to members working in Trauma Services and Trainee members who have a special interest in rehabilitation following major trauma.

Specialist courses

There is no specialist course at the current time but the TRsIG contributes a programme (usually 2 hours +) to the BSRM national meeting annually.  The TRsIG also contributes to the programme of the Annual Trauma Network Meetings held in March - where a half day is dedicated to specialist rehabilitation following trauma.