Vocational Rehabilitation Special Interest Group

VRSIG Committee Members

Abayomi Salawu (Chair) Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine Hull
Zac Falope Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine
Diane Playford Professor of Neurological Rehabilitation,
John Pilkington  Co-opted
Chair - Vocational Rehabilitation Association
Andy Tyerman

Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist, Aylesbury

Julian Harriss

Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine, London



VRSIG's Mission

The overall aim of the VRSIG is to bridge the gap between health rehabilitation agencies and work agencies through:

  • Setting professional standards in training and education
  • Influencing government policy through engagement with DWP and the Rehab Delivery Board
  • Creating opportunities to meet and exchange ideas with others including closer working with trauma networks and vocational services in private sector.

Current/recent projects

  • Work on a competency framework using VRA standards
  • Input into the Rehabilitation Medicine Curriculum review
  • Input into training of vocational assessors at DWP
  • Providing BSRM response to government vocational policy documents

VRSIG Membership

Membership of the VRSIG is free for BSRM members.   BSRM members and individuals from vocational services in the private sector and DWP are eligible to apply for membership.